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About ArithmeCode

I believe that math education should be an enjoyable and engaging experience for students and teachers. Over the 30 years I taught, I was constantly looking for materials and ideas which would suit this purpose. Along the way, I created my own set of materials ... booklets, CDs and DVDs of math puzzles, original songs, geometric origami ideas and more. I have often wished I had had these materials when I was starting out in the math classroom. Although I don't have a time machine to take me and those materials back to those early years, students, teachers, parents and seniors can enjoy, and learn from them now. Practical, affordable, educational and fun ... that's what they are. Have a look. I think you will see the possibilities.
One of my post-classroom activities has been presenting profession development sessions at teachers' conventions. My goal has been to share engaging, practical, classroom-ready ideas which teachers can take straight back to the classroom and use. My sessions are filled with laughter and learning. Please check out the session descriptions and video samples.
I hope you enjoy the ArithmeCode website. Sincerely, Dave Mitchell

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